XVII International Conference “Renewable Power Generation and Energy Efficiency in ХХІ century”

UNESCO   30-09-2016   Comments Off on XVII International Conference “Renewable Power Generation and Energy Efficiency in ХХІ century”

In September, 29, XVII International scientific and practical conference “Renewable power generation and energy efficiency in XXI century” started its work in NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”

The program of the conference envisages plenary sessions, section meetings in the lines of: “Energy efficiency”; “RES complex systems”; “Wind power engineering”; Solar power engineering”; “Biomass energy”; “Hydraulic power engineering”; “Geothermal power engineering”; “Educational activity”; “Hydrogen energy”; “Environment energy (heat pumps)”; “Smart grids”; as well as round tables meetings related to “The experience of geothermal power engineering technologies application in China and offers of Chinese companies for Ukraine” and “Ukrainian membership in energy community: obligations performance”. Besides, there will be presentations of demonstration objects of renewable power generation technologies application in the university and one may attend Ukrainian and Polish Center of improvement technologies of renewable sources of energy efficiency as well as the museum of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”. Seminars for students “Renewable power engineering for the youth” and the seminar of Small Academy of Science of Ukraine are scheduled in terms of the conference.

The conference moderators are NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”, “Representation office of Polish Academy of Science in Kyiv, Institute of renewable power generation of Ukrainian NAS, Interbranch Scientific and Technical Center of wind power engineering of Ukrainian NAS, Department of UNESCO “Higher technical education, applied system analysis and informatics” at NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” and ESC “Institute of applied system analysis”.

General sponsor of the forum were Representation Office of Polish Academy in Kyiv, “APOGEE” Ltd, Power engineering company “Grand-Overon”, SE “Interbranch Scientific and Technical Center of wind power engineering of Ukrainian NAS”.

“Problems of energy efficiency and their solving are of great interest for our country, especially in ecological, economic and social terms, stressed rector of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”, academician of Ukrainian NAS, welcoming conference participants.-As the matter concerns economy, we are all aware that for one dollar of the product cost we lose three, or even five times more energy than developed countries. So, with such an economy we are not able to develop further. Thus this is the first problem to be solved. In economic terms we know that our energy generation systems that exploit technologies of hydrogen combustion that are obsolete and worn-out. Hence, anthropogenic affect of their powerful grid on the environment is quite significant. This directly affects health and life expectancy in Ukraine. In social terms, standards of preservation and energy efficiency are of great importance for us. Standards development is the task of this conference…Thus, dear conference participants we are facing these challenges and only specialists that are gathered at such forums and work in this field can give a fitting reply to all these questions.

The conference devoted to the problems of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency is hold in Igor Sikorsky KPI not for nothing. Director of the Institute of renewable energy generation of Ukrainian NAS, head of the department of renewable sources of energy of the Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Automatics, professor Stepan Kudria spoke about that in his welcome speech. He reminded that it was KPI where the first in USSR laboratory of such type was put into operation by former rector Hrygorii Denysenko in end of 70s of XX century. Unfortunately, at that date its work was not duly appreciated and only in the beginning of XXI century, the best practices of its fellow workers were in demand again and now are being used in the work of the Department and the Institute of renewable energy.

Two answers of Stepan Kudria started the first plenary session of the conference. The first one became some kind of report about scientific, scientific and technical and information activity of the institute headed by Stepan Kudria in 2015 and the second – “The Development strategy of renewable energy” – outlined not only the lines of field development and the main directions but defined the main subject of further work of participants as well.

Thus, the main events in terms of conference program will take place in September, 29 and 30. It will finish with the seminar for listeners of Small Academy of Science of Ukraine that is planned for October, 3.

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